Christening Ceremony

A baby Christening ceremony is one of the most wonderful events in a child and his parent’s life. Accepting the Lord and Baptizing your infant in his name is a milestone to be cherished and remembered forever.

What is a Christening Ceremony?

Christening, derived from Christ, is an English word and it was introduced in the 14th century. Although undefined in modern dictionaries, it is commonly considered as a ceremony where a young child or infant is baptized and given a name.

There are numerous different methods and ceremonies for infant baptisms. Depending on your beliefs and church affiliations you might not have a christening at all.

Infant Baptism or Christening ceremonies are practiced by the following churches:

  • Roman Catholic
  • Greek Orthodox
  • Russian Orthodox
  • Oriental Orthodoxy
  • Armenian Apostolic Church
  • Assyrian Church
  • Anglican Communion
  • Lutheran
  • Presbyterians
  • Methodists
  • Church of the Nazarene

  • What happens at a Christening Ceremony?

    Baby Christening ceremonies are when a child is named and undergoes a baptism. It is a ritual meant to welcome your child into the world. Family and friends usually attend in order to share their love and pride, give christening gifts to the child, and to witness the infant become christened in the name of the lord.

    Although methods and practices can differ slightly, there are normally 3 types of christening ceremony services:

    1. 1- Blessing – Based on what Jesus did when children were brought to him
    2. 2- Baptism – A sacrament and the formal acceptance of god and the Christian church
    3. 3- Christening – The act or ceremony where a baby is named along with the baptism

    Other common practices or qualities associated with Christening Ceremonies include:

  • Poems or music
  • The naming of Godparents
  • Christening gifts and presents
  • Special Christening outfits: gowns, rompers, and shoes
  • Christening favors
  • Unique or elegant decorations
  • Cake
  • Speeches

  • Christening Ceremony Checklist

    1. 1- Decide on a date and time
    2. 2- Choose and reserve your church and reception location
    3. 3- Contact the priest or officiator
    4. 4- Finalize a guest list of family and friends
    5. 5- Send Christening invitations
    6. 6- Purchase Christening clothes, decorations, cake, and food
    7. 7- Prepare any speeches, poems, or verses you would like recited
    8. 8- Remember to take lots of pictures!

    When attending a Christening ceremony remember to dress appropriately, bring a camera along with any gift or present you may have bought, and be prepared to offer lots of support, joy, and happiness!


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